One Way Link Building

One way link building is an essential element for SEO and the single most important part of achieving a high-ranking website in modern search engines.

One way link building campaign ensures the basic connection between websites and creates the basic relationship on the Internet.

Why are links from other sites to yours being so important? 

Their importance resides in the fact that each link to your site is considered by Google as a vote. The more votes you have, better the chances of increasing your Page Rank are. It’s not only the number of links that counts, but also their quality and relevance.

One way links are links to your site from other sites that you don’t back link to. The message that one way links send to search engines is very important, that your website is so valuable that other websites want to let everybody know about it.

Search engines just love one way links and getting them is a real important step in achieving to improve search engine ranking.

Improve search engine ranking of a website only by having a  one way link building campaign is not enough. A website without a well done on-page optimization will not achieve a much better ranking than before.

The method by which we are developing one way links has 2 components:

  • Manual directory submissions
  • Manual article submissions

We are offering something totally different than the competition. We provide both natural and constant link building campaigns.

We do manual directory submissions, but we do not do them aggressively and in such a hurry, in order not to do any harm to any site we’re submitting. The reason is that getting 1,000 directory submissions in a short period of time is considered as totally unnatural by Google and the other major search engines.

Slow directory submissions are the best solution for getting links to your site in a both natural and constant way. We’re providing one way link building campaigns by spreading the submission process over 1 to 2 months in order to have a natural link building process.

The main 2 packages we offer are:

  • 1,000 manual directory submissions to relevant directories; the process takes 2 months (125 submissions per week).  We guarantee that at least 300 links will be listed.
  • 2,000 manual directory submissions to relevant directories; the process takes 4 months (125 submissions per week). We guarantee that at least 600 links will be listed.

As it can be seen above, we guarantee a minimum of listed links. One month after each link building campaign is finished, we will send to our customer a final report with all the guaranteed listed links. The report will include the exact URL of where the site has been listed.

*In case the minimum number of links is not listed, we offer Total Refund.

For those activating in high competitive fields, one way links in various directories can help stabilize the website’s rankings when search engine algorithms change. 

It’s low cost, effective at driving traffic and it can have a surprising effect on your search engine ranking.

SEO has a very important relationship with a website's design, therefore you have to make sure you have chosen the right layout.